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The compassion to provide to under served communities was birthed nearly 4 decades ago. As a humanitarian whose efforts have been keenly focused on providing clean water, Dr. Bailey has tried multiple water filtration systems. Finally the breakthrough came. Life Through Water® has proven to implement products and systems that are far beyond any other. The common need that Dr. Bailey has faced in an overall effort to "save lives" in over 143 countries is the consistent need for clean water. As we know that life or death can literally flow through the vessel of what we know as water. The cycle of substandard health in developing countries all point back to the same source, the lack of clean water. Over 1/2 of illnesses in Africa today are water bound disease. It is sincerely impossible to navigate a clear path of empowerment and development as long as we ignore the lack of clean water. Today, Life Through Water® has the solution to the world's problem of hydrating humanity.


Dr. Patricia Bailey

Founder & CEO

Notable humanitarian to over 138 countries, personally serving for nearly 4 decades, Dr. Patricia Bailey has dedicated her life to seeing the lives of the under-served and under-reached humanity.

Lisa Asseko

Head of Distribution

Expert in current trends, environmental analysis, R & D, and business operations, Lisa has the business acumen that has led to building the structure for successful transactions and long-term strategy.


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