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Water carries life or it carries death. We at Life Through Water® are committed to saving lives through a breakthrough method of providing filtered water to the 1/4 of the world who does not have access.

Hollow Fiber Membrane Filtration general does the same thing that a common kitchen strainer or coffee filter might do, but only at a microscopic level.


Now, obviously, there is more involved to Hollow Fiber Membrane Filtration than a simple “coffee filter,” but at its most basic level, that’s what’s happening.


Using the same technology utilized in Kidney Dialysis, the tiny polysulfone hollow fiber micro-tubes trap all bacteria larger than 0.1 microns in diameter. Harmful bacteria and microorganisms which contribute to millions of deaths each year remain inside the filter casing and are removed by simply back flushing.


Our filters are tested by Pony Testing International and EPA certified laboratories in the U.S. according to the EPA testing method 600 standards.



What makes our filters better?

  • No electricity is needed and no chemicals are used so the filter can be used anywhere.

  • Our filters are tested at EPA certified labs and meet or exceed US EPA standards.

  • Our filters are compact, easy to transport, simple to use, extremely reliable, easily maintained and long lasting.


Every day = 150 gallons of clean, safe drinking water for a family. That’s more than what typical Americans use daily.



Every week = 1,050 gallons



Every year = 54,600 gallons



Over 10 years = 546,000 gallons

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